Perkins 4000 series overview 200220

Spares and servicing suitable for* Perkins 4000 gas and diesel engines, and for FG Wilson ‘Investor’ series diesel generator sets.

Dorman Diesels provides full support for the Perkins 4000 series of engines, with spare parts as well as repairs or complete overhaul services suitable for the 4006, 4008, 4012 and 4016 models*. We can also provide spares and reconditioning for the Perkins 1000, Perkins 2000 and Perkins 3000 engine ranges.

The Perkins 4000 series is a group of diesel and spark ignited gas engines with 6, 8, 12 and 16 cylinder models. Developed by Perkins from the Dorman SE range, they have a proven history of reliability and performance, designed to meet the needs of today’s power generation industry. The components we can provide include the following:

  • cylinder head reconditioning

  • cylinder head inlet and exhaust valves

  • inlet and exhaust valve seats

  • valve springs

  • valve guides

  • valve collets

  • fuel injection nozzles

  • cylinder head gasket kits

  • cylinder liners

  • piston rings

  • piston plain bearings

  • conrod bearings

  • main bearings

    We can provide reconditioned exchange cylinder heads and fuel injector pumps suitable for* Perkins 4000 series diesel and gas engines.

Perkins 4000 spares are suitable for the following models of FG Wilson ‘Investor’ generator sets:

  • P730P1 / P800E1

  • P800P1 / P900E1

  • P910P1 / P1000E1

  • P1000P1 / P1100E1

  • P1125P1 / P1250E1

  • P1250P3 / P1375E3 50 Hz

  • P1250P3 / P1375E3 60 Hz

  • P1350P1 / P1500E1 50 Hz

  • P1350P1 60 Hz

  • P1500E1 60 Hz

  • P1500P3 / P1650E3

  • P1700P1 / P1875E1

  • P1750 / P1925E

  • P1825 / P2000E

  • P2000 / P2250E

  • P2000-1 / P2000-1E

  • P2250-1/P2250-1E

  • P2500-1/P2500-1E

For further information or quotations on our range of Perkins diesel engine spares, please contact us by phone on
+44 (0)1522 781706 or email: [email protected]

*If your Perkins 4000 engine is on board a vessel and was built after the year 2000 please contact us.

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