Wärtsilä connecting rods reconditioned


A prime example of some of the high quality reconditioned parts that S-T Diesel and Marine Group deals with arrived at the stores yesterday.

a Wärtsilä con-rod individually packaged
a Wärtsilä con-rod individually packaged

 Six reconditioned Wärtsilä connecting rods from the vessel ‘Nava Sheva’ were delivered after being reconditioned to the exacting standards that STDMG demands. 

a close up of a newly fitted con rod bolt
a close up of a newly fitted con-rod bolt

They will have undergone crack detection using dye penetration and ‘magnetic particle testing’ or MPT, before having their alignment, straightness and ovality checked. 


newly fitted small end bush on a Bergen con rod
newly fitted small end bush on a Wärtsilä con-rod

The small end bush is replaced along with the con rod bolts, to ensure that the running hours of these parts are re-set to zero – something that Simplex-Turbulo insists upon to ensure their high standards are met. 


con rods packaged for deliery
con-rods packaged for delivery

Finally, the connecting rods are given an inspection by the external classification society DNV and stamped with their mark before being packed individually for delivery.


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