Freezing Simplex engineers acquire new winter headgear…

Sitting cosily in the Wherwell offices last December, the majority of Simplex staff were working away with a cup of hot tea, wearing a soft, fluffy Christmas jumper to keep off even the chilliest drafts from the harsh winter conditions outside… 

Resourcefulness is what got Don the job after all…

 Meanwhile, in Dunkirk, Simplex engineers Don Gillies and Kevin McGill were not so fortunate. On an outdoor job installing sterntube seals, biting -5 degree winds and a lack of warm headgear meant that the pair had to use their initiative…

“Trying to beat the -5 winds with some damp rags we found in a bag :-)” read an email from Don, complete with a photo to match the smiley face – ever the optimist!

“We learnt from this experience and did buy something a little better as soon as we had a chance (we also took shelter in the heated forklift truck!)”

The engineers had been unable to work on this job earlier in the day, and as such had offered to stay late to get the job completed on time. As the night progressed, the icy winds became more and more violent, creating extremely challenging conditions.

Thankfully, the temporary rag scarves that Don and Kevin procured proved effective in staving off the cold. However, something more permanent was now most certainly in order.

Simplex engineer stern tube dunkirk
Even bigger smiles – what wind?!

Recognising the plight of their heroic engineers, Simplex has now provided all of their servicemen with uniform snoods to keep them warm on future jobs. (See photo of Don on the right). Not only are they far more effective than damp rags, but they even match the overalls too.

Looking sharp!

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