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Dorman SE – the complete engine range. For technical data, including approximate dimensions, please click on this link.

We stock a large inventory of spare parts at our Lincoln facility suitable for the Dorman SE/Perkins 4000 series of engines including:

  • Piston assemblies

  • Piston rings

  • Cylinder liners

  • Inlet and exhaust valves

  • Inlet and exhaust valve seats

  • Valve springs

  • Valve guides

  • Main bearings

  • Large end bearings

  • Thrust bearings

  • Connecting rod bolts

  • Joint sets

  • Crankshaft oil seals

  • Turbocharger repair kits

  • Water pumps

  • Injector nozzles

  • Fuel injector pump (unit injectors)

  • Electronic governing systems

  • Starter motors

We also operate a service exchange scheme to help our customers keep costs down and to ensure a continued supply of spare parts in the future.

Genuine Dorman spare parts are sourced wherever possible from the original equipment manufacturer.

The Dorman SE range of engines is the world’s most integrated engine range. Covering the power band 221 kWb-1879 kWb, the SE series offers a unique range of engines, 6 and 8 cylinder Vee form, with a common design concept. The range features include exceptional power to weight ratios, commonality of components, low fuel and oil consumptions, low levels of gaseous emissions and levels of overall performance and reliability that set new standards for the design of diesel engines.

The SE series is unique in offering such high performance and reliability in a single range of premium specification engines with a common design concept. Proven in the most arduous conditions worldwide, the SE series is a major milestone in the development of the diesel engine.

Ten year development

The SE series engines are the results of a 10 year programme of fundamental research into engine design to create a new generation of engines for the 21st century. Dorman engineers were given the brief to develop a completely new design based on inherent reliability, low fuel consumption, low exhaust emissions, improved serviceability, high power to weight ratio, low running costs, high commonality of parts and low price per unit of power output.

To achieve the brief, the latest in computer aided design techniques were applied to help create the new engines. Dorman engineers have concentrated on the central process of combustion, examining in detail how to achieve the greatest efficiency in fuel usage to produce high power in a compact engine.

Central to the SE concept is a unique piston and cylinder design which incorporates a unit fuel injector. All SE series engines benefit from this proven Dorman design concept. These individual cam/rocker operated unit injectors achieve high pressures to ensure ultra-fine fuel atomisation, and hence, controlled rapid combustion resulting in low smoke and gaseous emissions, whilst producing high powers per cylinder. The application of unit injection eliminates the need for external high pressure fuel pipes.

The pistons are aluminium alloy and incorporate gallery cooling thus ensuring a thermally stable piston throughout the load and speed range. This feature gives longer life of piston-rings and cylinder liners, whilst decreasing the risk of potentially harmful carbon deposits. The upper ring is wedge shaped running in a Ni-resist iron carrier, thus eliminating top ring groove wear and ring sticking after the extended periods of running at excess powers.

The SE cylinder and injection system are common throughout the SE series allowing these engines to achieve the highest power outputs per litre of cylinder capacity.

All SE series engines have externally mounted large capacity oil pumps to supply cool pressurised oil to all working surfaces of the engine in addition to the piston cooling jets. Wedge shaped gudgeon pin bosses create large bearing areas, thus enabling high power to be transmitted to robust induction hardened crankshafts.

Each cylinder has an individual four valve head to give optimised gas flows to these high specific power engines. Both inlet and exhaust valves are made from 21-4N valve steel with a Stellite facing, chrome flashed stems, and Stellite faced tips. The renewable valve inserts are made from Brico 52. This combination of valve and valve seat being selected to give extended durability.

High power to weight ratio

The Dorman SE series engines are noted for achieving high power outputs per cylinder and offering high power to weight ratios. In practice, these engines provide power outputs normally only associated with much larger engines, their compact size and low weight reduces shipping costs and allows for easier installation. As the number of cylinders for the output is lower than other engine designs, the SE offers considerably reduced maintenance downtime and lower parts costs for the power levels required.

Ease of servicing

Part of the initial design brief for the SE series was excellent service access and ease of maintenance. The individual cylinder heads can, for example, be easily removed. The unit fuel injection system considerably aids reliability and maintains overall engine efficiency whilst providing an easily serviced system without high pressure fuel pipes and pumps. Attention to detail has created an engine design with high availability and low down time. The SE series benefits from the worldwide support of the Dorman international dealer network, sophisticated parts support system and the finest trained engineers. These facilities, available in over 100 countries, provide a back-up to Dorman products that few can match. In addition, all SE customers receive the considerable benefits of the Dorman Red Seal extended guarantee scheme. The Red Seal Guarantee is a major statement of confidence by Dorman in their engines and full details are available on request.

For over a century Dorman customers have repeatedly chosen Dorman, not just because of excellent products but because they appreciate the blend of quality, reliability and total commitment to meeting the needs of customers that is synonymous with the Dorman name.

Proven power

The first SE series engines were launched in 1984 and have operated successfully in the widest possible range of applications and climatic conditions, literally from Greenland to the deserts of Arabia. The range has been subject to continued research and development using the latest techniques of diesel engine design and engineering practice and are manufactured to the highest quality standards.

At an early stage, advanced computer predictive techniques and finite element analysis were extensively used. Application of such advanced engineering techniques allowed Dorman engineers to optimise component design, to achieve maximum reliability and component life and thereby further contribute to operating efficiency.

Later in the development programme, specially constructed test chambers at the Dorman factory allowed each stage of design and development of each engine to be fully tested in rigorous operating conditions, allowing years of simulated usage to be incorporated in basic design decisions. The application of techniques such as photo elastic strain analysis contributed significantly to the success of the development programme.

The resulting proven engine range is available in a wide range of turbocharging and cooling combinations to suit the application, and specific marine versions, the Dorman Sea King Series, are also available. In addition to these diesel fueled units, a complementary series of SE gas fueled engines are available to run on a wide range of natural, bio and landfill gases.

All engines are extensively test run and approved before leaving the Dorman factory and each engine is individually certified as complying with Dorman quality standards. As Dorman engines are extensively test run before dispatch, they can be they can be directly installed on site and will give full power on installation, without a period of ‘bedding-in’.


In their industrial format the SE range of engines are designed to operate continuously at speeds of 1000-1800 rpm. The engines are built in a factory approved to UK MOD standards, in addition to BS 5750/ISO 9000. All engines are tested to comply with BS 5514/1-1982, ISO 3046/1.

The specific performance of each engine is detailed in the tables and more specific performance figures related to application are available on application to the Dorman sales department.

Emission levels are low, typical smoke levels of below 1 Bosch unit being achieved. Coupled with their overall compact size, high power output and low fuel consumption, the SE series is an exceptional engine range.

Electronic governing is fitted as standard with the option of hydraulic governing available to suit the engines for any specific application. The engines have electric start as standard, with air or hydraulic starting available as options as appropriate for the application. Crank case doors are fitted as standard.

Applications typically include: Generating sets, pump sets, compressor sets, excavators, cranes, off-highway earth moving equipment, stone crushers and locomotives.

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