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Mark Wilson of Lincoln Diesels
Despite the ongoing restrictions, operators based on land and at sea have been doing their upmost to remain mobile and operational during the pandemic. For Lincoln Diesels, this has meant that maintenance and repair work has carried on as normal, but with even more safety considerations and lateral thinking. Problem-solving has been taken to a new level, as physical distancing measures has meant that service engineers are (in certain instances) unable to attend in person
Cat fines damage
Simplex-Turbulo would like to extend a big thank you to our associate at Parker, Steve Dickens, who (by way of video conferencing) is providing essential training to Simplex-Turbulo staff during the pandemic. The latest subject matter was a refresher course on the occurrence of catalytic fines (hard aluminium and silicon oxide particles, commonly known as cat fines) in heavy fuel oil. Why do operators need to protect their engines from cat fines? Due to their
Daido Metal bearings
Simplex-Turbulo has been providing useful training webinars to staff during the pandemic and is keen to demonstrate the expertise of key suppliers in these sessions. Keith May, Account Manager at Daido Metal, delivered a recent webinar that showcased their engine bearings and how they are designed to perform in marine engines. Daido Metal is unique within the industry as it is one of the few marine engine bearing manufacturers that is able to create finished
Parker, Ferrous-Wear-Meter
Mike Macnamara of Lincoln Diesels, who is based in Thailand covering Malaysia and the Philippines, and Alvin Poon of Simplex-Turbulo, who is based in our office in Singapore, have both reported strong sales of our Parker Ferrous Wear Meter over the last six months. Alvin says that operators are keen to maintain business continuity in these difficult times and Parker condition monitoring products are in high demand: “Since last December, we have so far supplied
Original hardback copy of 'One hundred years of good company'
A recent exchange of emails between Jamie Elkington (whose grandfather, John Rowley, was a former engineer at Ruston engines) and Lincoln Diesels’ April Baker, was brought to our attention recently. At the time of Jamie’s enquiry, John, 90, was losing the fight with coronavirus and sadly died later that day. Jamie was hoping to trace old Ruston colleagues who were contemporaries of his grandfather. Unfortunately, due to John’s sudden death, staff at Lincoln Diesels were
Gali air starters
Simplex-Turbulo is the stockist and agent for Gali, a Spanish company that was formed nearly 70 years ago. We currently supply six models of Gali air starter and each type is renowned for its robustness, low air consumption and high-speed. Most air compressors fitted to vessels produced compressed air at 30-bar. The Gali air starter is the only device of this kind that can operate directly from a 30-bar air supply without a diffuser, resulting

Thank you from the Fletcher Group

Simplex-Turbulo, platform-supply-vessel
Simplex-Turbulo has recently received an appreciative thank you from the Fletcher Group, for an urgent late evening sales request that was dealt with immediately by Rita Semaka from our sales team. The order was completed and then shipped the following day: a testament to the commitment of our staff, to maintaining excellent customer service during this period of uncertainty and limited resources. The Fletcher Group is a relatively young, privately-owned group of companies, which started
Dorman L145BP
1958 Dorman L145BP generator is the “strongest ever built” according to Zimbabwean business owner of Harare-based Veldemeers Exquisite Belgian Chocolate. It is not very often that Dorman Diesels receives enquiries from Zimbabwean-Belgian fine chocolate manufacturers. A recent email from a business owner requesting a water pump for a 1958 Dorman L145BP was particularly interesting. Veldemeers Exquisite Belgian Chocolate was founded in 1997 (initially under the name of Chocolart), and for the first time in the
Ruston & Hornsby
As 2019 was drawing to a close, Lincoln Diesels came to the rescue to help a stricken South African farmer and his seized Ruston and Hornsby 6YDA engine. Although it was originally built in 1959, this 6YDA is a critical power source in the production of animal feed on his farm. He explains the situation in his recent enquiry to Lincoln Diesels: I am writing in desperation from South Africa. I am a farmer in
With focus and innovation, the maritime industry is systematically addressing its impact on long-term environmental concerns, with much change taking place in the next decade. Regulations are expanding out into the open sea amid lower sulphur emissions and tighter controls on wastewater management. With this in mind, can operators with older vessels continue to be compliant, and enjoy the benefits of new technologies that reduce the pollutants associated with shipping? One such technology is water

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